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The Body = The pen without cap and blind cap
The Cap = The hat of the pen
The Blind Cap = The backmost piece of some pens under which you find the filling mechanism.
The Clip = The clasp by which you fasten your pen in your pocket.
The Juwel and Clip Screw         = The part on top of the cap by which the clip is held in place. The jewel is mounted on top of the Clip Screw for aesthethic reasons only.
The Cap lip = The bottom of the cap into which the pen itself is inserted.
The Cap Ring/-s or Band = The often gold filled ring or band that holds the Cap Lip together and prevents it from cracking.
The nib = The point with which you write with the pen. This most often is made of gold or is goldplated. It also has an enforcement on the extreme tip made of an alloy tougher than the gold itself.
The Breather Hole = The hole on top of the Nib through which the air is sucked in to replace the used ink inside the pen.
The Feed = The usually "feathered" plastic collector situated under the nib, collects surplus ink and prevents the pen from blobbing, has on its top (right under the nib) two or more narrow channels: one that leads the ink to the tip of the Nib, the other that leads the air into the pen from the Breather Hole.
The Section = The front part of the pen that covers the feed and holds the nib /feed in place. This is either threaded or made to fit snug into the Body.
The Sac = The rubber sac inside the pen, containing the ink.
The Fill = The filling system of the pen. Either a button activated spring, situated inside the pen that pushes on the Sac, or a plunger that pushes on an horisontally fitted diaphragm that creates a vacuum inside the pen. The Lever fill uses the same principles as the Button fill but operates from a slot on the side of the Body, rather than from the back of the pen.


The following are used to describe the materials in which the pen was manufactured:

BHR = Black Hard Rubber
RHR = Red Hard Rubber
BCHR = Black Chased Hard rubber (pattern)
RCHR = Red Chased Hard rubber
GP = Gold Plated
RG = Rolled Gold
GF = Gold Filled
RS = Rolled Silver
CP = Chrome Plated
SP = Silver Plated
SS = Sterling Silver
GFT = Gold Filled Trim (metal parts like Cap Rings and Clip)
CPT = Chrome Plated Trim
NPT = Nickel Plated Trim
GPT = Gold Plated Trim


Filling mechanisms

ED = Eye Dropped Filler
BF = Button Filler
LF = Lever Filler
TVF = Twist Vacumatic Filler (Lock-Down)
SVF = Speedline Vacumatic Filler
PVF = Speedline Vacumatic Filler with Plastic Plunger
AF = Aerometric Filler
CF = Capillary Filler
CCF = Convertor/Cartridge Filler


SR Senior
JR Junior
SPL Special
JNT Juniorette


There are a few parts of the pen to look for when trying to determine the model or when selling by phone or over the net:

  • The imprint on the body and/or cap
  • The colour
  • The size
  • The shape
  • The shape and imprint of the clip
  • The colour of the clip screw
  • The shape/colour of the cap
  • The number/size of the cap rings and the imprint on them
  • The filling mechanism
  • The shape/colour/rings on the blindcap/butt 
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